snippets of the weekend (and april 1st).


saturday the majority of the day was spent on my annual shopping trip with my mom to get some things to wear to a special annual convention we attend each summer.
the shopping trip was successful (of course) but we were so focused on the task at hand i didnt snap any pics, no documentation of any kind whatsoever (which is kinda nice in its own way, isnt it??) we had lunch at cheesecake factory (yumm!) and were back home by 5 to get ready for the below festivities:
these two beautiful friends of ours have been married for 15 yrs!
we had pizza ala daniel for dinner in celebration :)
our very best friend made this delicious cake, thanks steph!!
all in all, a very successful evening filled with laughter (mostly because we started watching home videos on vhs... oi vey) and appreciation for, not only marriage but for family and friendship.
my sunday morning view.
sunday best.
breaking in my new zara heels ;)
sunday's sky was crazy pretty.
in the evening we decided to start our april 1st celebration early. champagne. mmm.
april 1st looked like this from our front door.
it was cloudy, breezy and a little chilly. in short, perfect.
look, i cooked! 
finally, daniel finishing up my gift: a handmade, copper arrow necklace :)
happy april!

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