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recently, @sweetharvestmoon expressed her desire for a rifle paper co iphone case. i too greatly share this wish, although first i need an iphone (maybe for our wedding anniversary may 7?? wink-wink in daniels direction). is it bad that the main reason i want an iphone is for a cute case?! eh, oh well. im just being honest and its not my fault that there is a cute phone case conspiracy against android users...

these cases in particular are well made, decently priced ($30 for iphone 4 // $32-$36 for iphone 5) and rate super-duper high in the cute department. not only does this company make cases, but as their name denotes, they make all things paper: notepads, cards, journals, stationary + more. im in love.

go to their super-duper cute webpage... trust me, itll do wonders to brighten your thursday!!

//image via rifle paper co//

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