OK spring, maybe youre not so bad.


in past posts i have droned on and on about how much i love fall, winter + all things that come along with cold weather. and that is very, very true. as much as it pains me to admit though, these past warmer days have had one silver lining--
spring is blooming.
at my salon, even in the parking lot amidst the concrete and pavement, poppies are pushing thru in patches all around. cheery, bright orange poppies industriously working away to show off their beauty to the world.
in my neighborhood, as pictured below, there is the most breath-taking tree full of fragrant lavendar blooms. its the kind of tree that one would never forget. i plucked a small branch (shhhh dont tell my neighbor) so i can smell its lovely scent at any and all opportunities. everytime i walk by or drive past i soak in its graceful splendor.
see what i mean?!
happy spring friends, breathe in deep + enjoy the fresh air -- even if it does make you sneeze ;)

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  1. ahhh-CHOO! pretty pics!! I love spring flowers too. Especially the white roses growing on the side of our house. My other favorite are yellow roses and yellow hibiscus!! And who isn't enthralled with the Bird of Paradise? Thanks for sharing.



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