new york in the fall (trip plans #1).


its been 5 years since we have been to new york. 5 years exactly. no wonder im having trouble thinking of little else. not to mention, ive been watching a lot of friends reruns and have had "new york state of mind" in my head for days. this probably doesnt help matters much...

thankfully, my friend announced that she is serious about embarking on that new york trip we have been daydreaming of doing together for years. yipeeeee! she wants to go in fall and that deserves another huge yipeeeee! after all, joe fox once said: "dont you just love new york in the fall? it makes me want to buy school supplies." well joe, goodness knows i certainly do. additionally, i too have a great affinity for newly sharpened pencils. and our fall here in southern california does not give one that urge to by school supplies whatsoever. it does not do fall justice as the blaze of summer swelter is only just on the wane. no nip in the air, no fall colors. so? off  to see central park in all its glory for our fall fix.
so far the trip plans are daniel, me, my best friend and perhaps one more friend to round us off to four leaving over the first weekend of november. on the agenda: the MET, brooklyn for grimaldis, the shake shack, grays papaya hot dogs, serendipity, lots + lots more eating..... central park, upper west side, riverside park, 5th avenue, lots + lots of wandering.... more eating, chinatown (which involves more eating...) im sensing a trend...??
this post is called "new york in the fall (trip plans #1)" because as we make our arragements i will catalog them nicely + neatly on my blog for easy reference and to share with all of you and hopefully recieve ideas and feedback!! lets start, yes?
what are your most loved new york haunts?

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  1. I'm sure you have on your list all the You've Got Mail scenes... especially the restaurant they were to meet at for the first time! :)



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