get rid of the noise.



some friends of mine cannot stand the sound of silence. it makes them feel uneasy, awkward, even depressed. its not that i dont understand them. often i too want noise. i crave it for its comforting quality. the sounds of wind in the trees, birds chirping, waves crashing, of course, are always welcome. however, at times, even artificial noise can have a calming affect: soft music, tv in the background (the weather channel in particular) or my personal favorite, the consistent hum of a fan.

that being said, the world is a noisy place. its loud, most often obnoxiously so. therefore, if we have the opportunity to experience silence, even for a brief moment, why dont we embrace it? lets remember what it was like before all the noise, before this electronic, tech-obsessed day and age. maybe, just maybe we'll like it.

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  1. hummm.... I love the sounds of silence! It is such a rare thing living in an area with people, cars, trucks & dogs all about. Where we lived in PA was on a 200-acre farm (rented a place there). Now that was quiet! You could hear yourself breathing.
    And the air smelled sooo good too. nice memory

  2. this post speaks to my soul!!!!!! i LOVE silence :)



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