be as you are.


i posted the below "selfie," as self portraits are apparently called in the social-networking world, on instagram some weeks back. i did so with a measure of apprehension, knowing full well the prevalent negativity toward said "selfies" in said social-networking world. maybe this is because some may view them as self-absorbed, self-centered, even self-serving (hence the nickname of self-ie, i suppose). and perhaps, some are. is it possible, perhaps probable, that not all of them are? perhaps being creative, innovative and artistic is the motive?

interestingly, i posted this picture on the blog with absolutely no apprehension. is that because i feel safe here? able to have freeness of speech and expression without judgement?

therefore and in light of the afore mentioned, for any (and all) of you readers, thanks for making this blog feel that way. like a safehaven of acceptance. and as for the social sites i say: lets post as we will, let's be as we are, and enjoy every minute.
what do you say?

3 note/s:

  1. I say I love this pic!! & you, of course. :) You are very artistic... I can't believe you haven't studied it. It's just all you.... your natural ability. Isn't that cool?

  2. word! actually i think bloggers are the social networkers that do it more for the art and less for the opposed to 90% of the population on you have found the people that love you and understand you :)



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