a stylists take (the perfect blowdry).


hair and make-up is that way ;)
this is my new tee from zara (i just had to, i mean really, itd be wrong not to... right??)
so this stylists take is about the perfect blowdry.
its inspired by recent events involving the death of my faithful blowdryer of eight years.
to start youll need:
-blowdry gel or lotion (i recommend redken satinwear or velvet gelatine)
-1 or 2 butterfly clips (dependind on hair thickness)
-ceramic round brush (smaller size = more wave, bigger size = less wave)
-blowdryer (my new one is a croc, its fantastic, you should hear its hummm)
section the hair into 4 sections (down the middle and from ear to ear). if you have a bang, blow the bang out first. move thru each section in half inch partings starting at the bottom and work your way to the top. this is more time consuming than a hap-hazard blowdry (and certainly more time consuming than an airdry) but definitely worth the time. results are a shiny, voluminous and smooth style.
happy styling + happy weekend!
//dedicated to my pink chi//

2 note/s:

  1. oh, dear... now I know what I'm doing wrong!! I do it the haphazard way. I'm not sure we're related....

  2. basically you are the reason i blow dry my hair so well (when i do it)...maybe you should do a step by step with pictures using my head!!!!!!



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