a stylists take (chromatics).


chromatics is the newest permanent color line released by redken. ive been enjoying working with it for the past year or so. what sets it apart from other color lines? two main differences are:
1. its oil based. this makes the consistency of the color much thicker and creamier. the oil base brings so much moisture that it allays any color-stained forehead concern. it also means that this line is best for thick, coarse, frizz-prone hair as it has serious smoothing capabilities. if your hair is very flat + fine, it may not be for you.
2. its ammonia free. can i hear a hip hip hooooray?! its about time right? ammonia free, full-coverage, permanent color. someone pinch me. the lack of ammonia means no smell!
they have created a full range of color options. for a color that is unique to your style + needs, leave me a note for an appointment!
fantastic weekend to all, its friday!!

3 note/s:

  1. i will have to read up on the product...maybe i will have no moral objections to it...we still have to use peroxide though, right?



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