a stylists take (brows).


wow. thats a close-up. but its for educational purposes... thats ok, right?
note: please forgive wrinkles, blackheads, etc ;)
so, brows. many have expressed to me they have trouble figuring out shaping + coloring in their brows. so this is the down-low on brows (yes, down-low):
shape: a straight line upward from the inner corner of the eye indicates the start of the brow slanting upward, a straight line from the outer corner of the eye indicates the change in the brows direction (rounded softly) downward, a diagonal line from the tip of the nose toward the outer corner of the eye points to where the brow should end. fuller brows are in style. dont be afraid!! if done in a soft and tasteful way, bold brows look great.
color: whether a pencil or shadow + brush (i use the latter-- i love it) try to get as close to your hair color as possible. if your hair is black, a shade lighter is fine; if your hair is platinum, a shade darker is good so that the brows can be seen. when in doubt, ask a friend.
happy friday!! its the weekend!

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