a stylists take (bangs).


//thick + side-swept//
//blunt + straight//
short feathery bangsshort feathery bangsshort feathery bangs
//short + textured//
//images via pinterest//

trends (most often) have a 6 year pattern: 2 years of being on the runway and in fashion magazines. once the trend has gained momentum, it is found full force in the public for 2 years. finally, it takes about another 2 years as it loses popularity. i say most often because some trends are short-lived (ie. feather and tinsel extensions) and others last much longer than 6 years. bangs are a prime example of this. the trend became mainstream in 2006 with anne hathaways blunt bang hitting the big screen in the devil wears prada. i remember this because i was only in my second year of working in the salon and i cut too many anne hathaway bangs to count-- not to boast, but ive gotten quite good (all thanks to anne!!).

bangs have stayed the course and thats hard to do in this trend-hungry world. granted, there is room for great variety, as shown above. so how do you know which bang is best for you?

much depends on four factors: texture, face shape (ask your stylist about these factors during your consultation) and personal style (this being, in my opinion, the most important factor and can often trump the others. if you want a certain look and it suits your style, more often than not you can pull it off despite hair texture or face shape. just own it!!). another factor to consider is maintenance -- extra time to style them each day and regular bang trims every 3 or 4 weeks.

why not give this trend a try? trust me, it wont be like the time your mother or big sister cut your bangs when you were 9 years old (ive heard so many stories....) ;).

fabulous friday to all + happy weekend!

3 note/s:

  1. Love the last comment!! I like my bangs! Thanks to you. :)

  2. I just grew out my bangs, but posts like this make me want to cut them short again. LOL. :-)



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