a note to the #mightylove project.


here is my small contribution to the greater good of the internet world!

the #mightylove project details are @natthefatrat's blog. its an inspiring idea to use the internet, to the best of our abilities, for good rather than bad or even indifferent.

this is a shout-out to three of my most favorite women. my grandmother and two of my best friends (the one in the middle can be found here). well, really, they are three of my very best friends, one just happens to also be my grandmother. (only, my mama and my adopted grandmother + big sister are missing from this picture -- this means you too!!) 
these women are spiritual, strong and independent. they have been through trials and come out the other side, not only alive and kicking, but even better because of it. they have always been in my corner. they are fiercely loyal. i love to be around them because they make me the best version of myself.
sending lots of #mightylove to all the women in my life!!

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