snippets of the weekend.


my most favorite wax flowers for our friends 15th anniversary!
saturday we had them over to celebrate :) 
we shared this wine (from traders for $10) and it was delicious with daniels homemade pizza.
on the menu:
pizza: sausage // basil // fig, arugula + gruyere
salad: pear, pecan, avocado + spinach
dessert: creme brulet cheesecake torte 
looking for the neighbors puppies... 
where are they?!
//happy anniversary d + a! we love you!!//
sunday we went for happy hour at my grandparents and played with this charming pup. 
afterward, we had korean shortrips + coleslaw at my parents house for dinner. seriously, yumm.
 then we chatted outside amongst my parents garden. it was a beautiful, warm sunday evening. 
enjoy your monday friends ;)

a stylists take (bangs).


//thick + side-swept//
//blunt + straight//
short feathery bangsshort feathery bangsshort feathery bangs
//short + textured//
//images via pinterest//

trends (most often) have a 6 year pattern: 2 years of being on the runway and in fashion magazines. once the trend has gained momentum, it is found full force in the public for 2 years. finally, it takes about another 2 years as it loses popularity. i say most often because some trends are short-lived (ie. feather and tinsel extensions) and others last much longer than 6 years. bangs are a prime example of this. the trend became mainstream in 2006 with anne hathaways blunt bang hitting the big screen in the devil wears prada. i remember this because i was only in my second year of working in the salon and i cut too many anne hathaway bangs to count-- not to boast, but ive gotten quite good (all thanks to anne!!).

bangs have stayed the course and thats hard to do in this trend-hungry world. granted, there is room for great variety, as shown above. so how do you know which bang is best for you?

much depends on four factors: texture, face shape (ask your stylist about these factors during your consultation) and personal style (this being, in my opinion, the most important factor and can often trump the others. if you want a certain look and it suits your style, more often than not you can pull it off despite hair texture or face shape. just own it!!). another factor to consider is maintenance -- extra time to style them each day and regular bang trims every 3 or 4 weeks.

why not give this trend a try? trust me, it wont be like the time your mother or big sister cut your bangs when you were 9 years old (ive heard so many stories....) ;).

fabulous friday to all + happy weekend!

new york in the fall (trip plans #1).


its been 5 years since we have been to new york. 5 years exactly. no wonder im having trouble thinking of little else. not to mention, ive been watching a lot of friends reruns and have had "new york state of mind" in my head for days. this probably doesnt help matters much...

thankfully, my friend announced that she is serious about embarking on that new york trip we have been daydreaming of doing together for years. yipeeeee! she wants to go in fall and that deserves another huge yipeeeee! after all, joe fox once said: "dont you just love new york in the fall? it makes me want to buy school supplies." well joe, goodness knows i certainly do. additionally, i too have a great affinity for newly sharpened pencils. and our fall here in southern california does not give one that urge to by school supplies whatsoever. it does not do fall justice as the blaze of summer swelter is only just on the wane. no nip in the air, no fall colors. so? off  to see central park in all its glory for our fall fix.
so far the trip plans are daniel, me, my best friend and perhaps one more friend to round us off to four leaving over the first weekend of november. on the agenda: the MET, brooklyn for grimaldis, the shake shack, grays papaya hot dogs, serendipity, lots + lots more eating..... central park, upper west side, riverside park, 5th avenue, lots + lots of wandering.... more eating, chinatown (which involves more eating...) im sensing a trend...??
this post is called "new york in the fall (trip plans #1)" because as we make our arragements i will catalog them nicely + neatly on my blog for easy reference and to share with all of you and hopefully recieve ideas and feedback!! lets start, yes?
what are your most loved new york haunts?

a few lovely things.


carrot, apple, parsley + lemon juice:
daniel agreed to juice with me for dinner monday thru thursday, here's to more energy!
 these rifle paper co. notebooks. arent they so cheery??
a candle (from target for $15) that smells exactly like the capri blue volcano.  
packing my suitcase early our for big sur trip!
its a daily reminder that we are soon getting outta dodge ;) 
a brief moment when my favorite heating pad was not attached to my shoulders...
its been a tough couple days.

OK spring, maybe youre not so bad.


in past posts i have droned on and on about how much i love fall, winter + all things that come along with cold weather. and that is very, very true. as much as it pains me to admit though, these past warmer days have had one silver lining--
spring is blooming.
at my salon, even in the parking lot amidst the concrete and pavement, poppies are pushing thru in patches all around. cheery, bright orange poppies industriously working away to show off their beauty to the world.
in my neighborhood, as pictured below, there is the most breath-taking tree full of fragrant lavendar blooms. its the kind of tree that one would never forget. i plucked a small branch (shhhh dont tell my neighbor) so i can smell its lovely scent at any and all opportunities. everytime i walk by or drive past i soak in its graceful splendor.
see what i mean?!
happy spring friends, breathe in deep + enjoy the fresh air -- even if it does make you sneeze ;)

snippets of the weekend.


friday nite: we almost went out but decided to stay home, watch law + order reruns, eat cookie butter straight from the jar + irritate binglee... my mother says you can tell you've been married for a while if this is what you do for fun on a friday evening. its a bit pathetic, no? even so, its kinda what i want every friday nite to be.

saturday: i spent the day with my mom + dad yaay! daniel worked which was a drag but being with my parents was the bright side. my mom + i went to a swap + shop party. have you ever been to one of those?? great fun. girls get together with their clothes, jewelry... anything really that they don't want any more. they shop and swap (its really quite self-explanatory). i got a few things. my favorite being a pair of gold studs that are either leaves or feathers (can't quite figure it out, i want them to be feathers so let's just say they're feathers). after the swap daniel picked me up at my parents and we went to our friends for dinner. she's housesitting a lovely house with pretty surroundings. we went out and picked from the garden to make salad and grilled steaks on the bbq. yumm. (OHH and we had homemade strawberry honey ice cream-- heaven forbid i forget that tiny yet prominent detail!)

sunday: i slept in and it was the best sleep in ive had in a long while. i juiced my breakfast and it was delicious-- carrot, apple, parsley, lemon. we are going to try to juice during the week for dinner for a month or two and see what all the fuss is about (will keep you updated... hope this lasts. any notes of encouragement or juicing ideas are very much welcome!!) later, we went to another couples house for dinner. they too have a garden i raided. its this weekends theme! our loot included swiss chard, celery, green onions + 6 eggs from their hens. yes, hens. how cool are they??

now its monday... booo. well, happy monday anyway ;)

a stylists take (brows).


wow. thats a close-up. but its for educational purposes... thats ok, right?
note: please forgive wrinkles, blackheads, etc ;)
so, brows. many have expressed to me they have trouble figuring out shaping + coloring in their brows. so this is the down-low on brows (yes, down-low):
shape: a straight line upward from the inner corner of the eye indicates the start of the brow slanting upward, a straight line from the outer corner of the eye indicates the change in the brows direction (rounded softly) downward, a diagonal line from the tip of the nose toward the outer corner of the eye points to where the brow should end. fuller brows are in style. dont be afraid!! if done in a soft and tasteful way, bold brows look great.
color: whether a pencil or shadow + brush (i use the latter-- i love it) try to get as close to your hair color as possible. if your hair is black, a shade lighter is fine; if your hair is platinum, a shade darker is good so that the brows can be seen. when in doubt, ask a friend.
happy friday!! its the weekend!

rifle paper co.


recently, @sweetharvestmoon expressed her desire for a rifle paper co iphone case. i too greatly share this wish, although first i need an iphone (maybe for our wedding anniversary may 7?? wink-wink in daniels direction). is it bad that the main reason i want an iphone is for a cute case?! eh, oh well. im just being honest and its not my fault that there is a cute phone case conspiracy against android users...

these cases in particular are well made, decently priced ($30 for iphone 4 // $32-$36 for iphone 5) and rate super-duper high in the cute department. not only does this company make cases, but as their name denotes, they make all things paper: notepads, cards, journals, stationary + more. im in love.

go to their super-duper cute webpage... trust me, itll do wonders to brighten your thursday!!

//image via rifle paper co//

a few lovely things.


my best friend bought me flowers from the farmers market. 
this black obsidian stone necklace.
we ate these: strawberry, basil, balsamic + goat cheese crostinis. yumm. 
my grandma and i bonded recently over succulents. these seriously make me so happy.
fires in the fireplace because the nites are still a little chilly!

snippets of the weekend.


saturday evening daniel + i threw a celebration for my parents 40th wedding anniversary!
 with the help of a few of my parents wonderful friends (thanks everyone!!) we had delicious cocktails + appetizers, enjoying the cool breeze of the mild spring day while the eagles played in the background -- i made a special playlist for my daddy.
as the sun set the twinkle lights on the fence illuminated the nite, along with the fire daniel started in our new fire pit (yaay!). all gathered around the fire telling stories of my parents in their newlywed days. these are memories i will forever cherish.
i took so many pics leading up to the party but once all the festivities began, i left my camera to just be in the moment (im kinda proud of myself!).
sunday, we had our usual scheduled activities and surveyed the damage done to our little apartment. most of the day consisted on putting life back together for the week. ohhh and on a side note, it was cold today (by cold i mean 60 degrees) and we had a fire in our fireplace, in april!!
happy monday folks, its tax day... keep your chins up!
//this post is dedicated to my mom + dad, the best mom + dad ever ;) happy 40 years!!!//


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