the lazy blogger


as i lay in bed, 11:20 pm on sunday nite, im thinking to myself "another nite goes by... no post." what else is new? ive been too distracted, busy, and tired, true, but im always distracted, busy, and tired. so what's different?

i have been unmotivated, that's what. and lazy. let's not forget lazy shall we?

i think part of it is that ive built blogging into something more than it is. oh ya, and im a perfectionist. therefore, i don't post... unless i have time to bust out my nikon and make it perfect (well, my version of perfect anyways). my friend // encouraged me to just write. post the real you, not the staged, perfected you.

so here i am. 11:25 pm on sunday nite. posting from my cell. saying hi to all, happy sunday (soon to be monday...) and goodnite.

2 note/s:

  1. was perfect without even trying :)

  2. i luv you!!and this last pic with dark hair..... for now. :)



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