story of a day, ruined.


so here goes: my worst-day-of-the-month tale of woe.

all my lady friends out there... you feel me right?? (i say lady friends, but im pretty sure i dont need to specify as im pretty sure no man friends read this blog? well, after this post that will without a doubt be true... shoot).

i had my monday planned out, scheduled to max (as per usual) and when i woke up in the morning i was ready to go (semi-ready at least) when it hit. i knew it was coming but i like to ignore it or pretend maybe it will give a month a miss one of these days. nevertheless, my monday plans came to a cross road: do i power through? or do i take the sensible course? i decided to embark on my day and play it by ear. the pain increased little by little, reaching full throttle, cant-even-stand status around 2pm. so there i was completely useless to the world outside, feeling sorry for myself and a little guilty for cancelling my afternoon when it dawned on me-- the world can get on without you, stacey, and it does not need another martyr. youre in pain, not to mention super duper grouchy. no one probably wants to be around you anyway. dont feel guilty. its okay... nay, not just okay, your divine right (too far?) to REST on this day (its 1 out of 30 for goodness sake) if at all humanly possible...
(i actually do think all women should have this day off, it should be in the law somewhere).

once my reasonable self talked my unreasonable self off its small yet significant ledge, i began to truly see that i made the right choice. i got into my soft pants, nuked the heating pad and crawled (literally, crawled) into bed. its not only ok but good to take care of yourself once in awhile.

so i did.

feel free to comment on your worst days below. get it off your mind (and out into internet world...hmm) sometimes it helps ;)

7 note/s:

  1. sorry, my sweet bzzz bee.... hope you're better today. Love you....

  2. actually, though, your day was not "ruined".... your body was just telling you it's time to slow down and rest up... It was not going to take No for an answer.
    Possibly a hint that you might listen to in the future? SLOW down just a titch and take care of yourself!

  3. Mine always seem to come as a big surprise each month...or maybe every few months now that I'm getting older. And they always seem to throw me off! Just like you, I always have 900 things planned every day!

    1. that would really throw you off to not know when to expect it! blah. sometimes being a girl is awful!

  4. UGH - been there sister! It's hard to take time for yourself, but so important. I try to remember that if I don't care for myself, I won't be able to care for others. Hope the day got better. xo!

    1. it got better... as soon as it was over! this is what i love about the blogging world is you can send these thoughts out into the cosmic void of the internet and get support from people! thanks so so much for your note ;)



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