springtime blues.


daylight savings...
to many, after a long winter, those words breathe life back to their souls...

i can understand, its not like i can't understand. daylight = happiness, overall feelings of well being and good cheer. people can get more accomplished, be outside longer: work in their yard, picnic in a park, walk on the beach, enjoy nature.

see? i see how its a good thing. but im still not ready to let go.
i know i must annoy those in the midwest or on the east coast, heck, i even annoy most friends of mine in california. they are ready for the warmth, the sun, the lengthened days. they tell me "move to where there's snowy winters then you'll change your mind!" maybe they are right. but maybe not.
our wimpy winters are not enough for me. i crave more. more cold. more rain. hail? bring it on. snow? yes please! (never gonna happen, but if it did i would be over the mooon). more nites by the fire, more cuddling under blankets, more boots, fuzzy socks, big bulky sweaters (of which i got two today at the goodwill in hopes of one more cold snap before the summer swelter rears its ugly head). i love to go outside and feel refreshed, a nip in the air, to see my breath when i exhale. OK... maybe that ones just because it makes me feel a little like superman ;)

nonetheless im sure ive made my point. and made my feelings more than clear... for those of you that know me, you've probably scrolled down thinking "yada yada, blah blah." i don't blame you. and to you i say many thanks for putting up with me and my whining... but also, a warning: im just getting warmed up. (warmed up... haha, punny.) best stay away from me in august.

so finally, in conclusion, some photos that brightened my mood today on this 86 degree march spring day, my favorites from our california winter.

toodles + happy tuesday to y'all.

4 note/s:

  1. if it were still rainy i wouldnt have to wear so much sunscreen.....

  2. p.s. are those phone pics? i love them :)

    1. they are! they make me so happy, wanna look at them all the time Hehe.

  3. love the dark sky pic... well, I grew up in MI and I can tell you, constant cold and dreary skies can really wear you down... but now I love the colder days because there are so few of them. I do miss the autumn leaves in MI and the days in the fall when the sky was sunny & bright blue, it was cold enough out to wear sweaters.. and the leaves were red & yellow. That's pretty cool. Even still I will stick to the ocean though. I'm hooked on it.!



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