snippets of the weekend.


 this weekend was so busy, evidence given by the below cell phone pics (i prefer camera pics but cell phone pics do give a more "living in the moment" feel right??)
saturday morning binglee helped me get ready for the day...
she loves hair and make-up time. shes such a girl ;) 
saturday was a great day.
daniel is not happy about being a little bit of a pack mule...
sunday morning we made a panera run. i love sunday mornings. this sunday we were up and out of the house by 10 til 7. waaaay to early for a sunday. does any one else think its wrong to get up before its light out?!!
sunday afternoon brunch at a friends house.
i wore my new eagle tee and got made fun of (irritating boys--including my husband!)
chamapagne in mason jars!! among the other offerings were lox + bagel, homemade cinammon rolls, and ginger mules. pretty sure i dont need to eat for a week (but i will.. )
sunday nite looked like this, legit slumber, snoring and all ;)
how was your weekend? 

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