snippets of the weekend.


friday evening i bought these daffodils.
arent they just the cheeriest??
best thing about spring. hands down.
saturday nite we stayed up late enough to watch saturday nite live.
i felt so rebellious ;)
(this one stayed up with us...)
(that one was mad and went to bed--bedtime is her favorite-- i think she felt cheated...)
when we finally woke up... we had a leisurely sunday morning walk (as you can see, springs in full swing). we did some reading and our usual sunday activities.
in the evening, daniels brother came over for dinner (burgers and veges on the grill, can you believe its grilling weather already?!) yummmmm.

how was your weekend? leave me some snippets, if you will!

4 note/s:

  1. Love the pic of Binglee Anne on the bed.... so funny.... & the dandelion. You're a great photographer.

    1. Thanks! Maybe that photog class my sophomore year is paying off... Well not literally paying off but you know what I mean.
      Ps. Bing is always posing...

  2. There was one thing missing from your!!!!!!



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