i used to be a social person...
lately, ive been wondering what happened to those days?

maybe its getting older, growing up. i am still a social person, just more balanced perhaps.
 i really love home. its probably because all day, every day is packed with activities. flitting around from one thing to the next to the next. schedule, schedule, schedule. partly life, and partly my own fault. so when i get home for the evening, even if i have dishes in the sink and laundry piling up, i feel an immediate relief and sense of calm. im home. the buzz of the day quiets and i feel my shoulders fall ever so slightly (oh, and i silence my cell).

this wednesday evening daniel and i both arrived home later than usual, 730pm and 8pm respectively. we sat on the couch, snuggled up with our cats (against their will, of course) and discussed the day. just being home...
who knew? its the best part of every day.

2 note/s:

  1. :) word!!!!!! i love this post! i agree!!!!

  2. the quiet and peace and security of home..... nothing like it. :)



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