foggy londontown.


the first time, i was only 17.

it was my first time across the atlantic. my parents let me go with my friend and her family. for them? it was a challenge to let their one and only fly thousands of miles away without them. for me? it was epic. i blame london for my voracious love of travel, a lifelong love. the cobblestone streets of london charmed me. the history, the museums, the pubs, even the taxis and phone booths convinced me that this city was a city with character beyond what even i could have imagined...

the next time, daniel and i were newlyweds, married 6 months.
we had a clock radio. the morning of our flight the alarm woke us with elton john: "rolling like thunder, under the covers. well i guess thats why they call it the blues." daniel jumped up, bouncing on the bed, while he sang along. that may have been the first time he ever saw what he now affectionately calls the "trip smile" (apparently its much different from my other smiles, reserved alone for embarking on an adventure).
this time, with daniel, london was different. i woke up, our first morning, in our cramped room (complete with shared bathrooms, no hot water, and outlets that-- despite my adapter-- set my paul mitchell flat iron a little bit on fire) to a memory i will never forget. daniel was still asleep. i woke up with thoughts of being in my own bed, upon the realisation that i was in fact in london, i lept out of bed (this is very significant as i never, ever, LEAP out of bed) and almost skipped (yes, skipped) to the window. just as i peeked out over the grey early morning cityscape, a pigeon glided into my view and landed on a nearby building. at that moment i knew, london was different.

obviously, london itself didnt change. it must have been me. i saw london as a kid, now i was here again. only a few years later but no longer a kid. daniel was with me. just the two of us, on our own out in the world. exploring, on an adventure, making memories... making a life.
we did all the touristy things to do: the british museum, national gallery, british library, london eye, harrods, tower of london and tower bridge. most importantly, he bought me my very first pint.
it was the first of many trips together to follow (ireland, scotland, jamaica, costa rica, china... to name a few) and many (many!!) yet to come.

one of which, is another trip to london (hopefully on the third time my parents will come with, they say the third times a charm). this time, i just want to soak it in. forego the tourist traps for checking out the local haunts. soak in that character. you know, pretend it really is my city. pretend to be a londoner... oh, to be a londoner.

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  1. yes, it was a challenge to let you go to London when you were only 16.... we always went on all our vacations together... but it was an awesome opportunity... I thought a once-in-a-lifetime, but now I see it was the beginning of a lifetime.... of travel & adventure. looking forward to seeing it through your eyes and doing it together! luv you my bzzz beee.

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    1. really?? thanks!! maybe because i love it there so much :)



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