coffee date (kettle coffee and tea).


currently, im sitting in a rather cute, relatively new coffee house on grand ave in downtown escondido.

its moments like these when i realise that escondido is not as uncool as i oftentimes think. sitting in the window in a comfy lounge chair, gazing out at the hubbub outside and sipping ginger peach iced tea, i find myself grateful for my early reprieve from the salon. i am meeting a friend for lunch but happened to get here an hour early. (ME. EARLY. must be a parallel universe... and one i happen to like).

this place is dripping with character, succulents all around (some for sale!), little tables and chairs, couches and cushy chairs. there are outlets for your phone or laptop for those that want to be plugged in, but books (you know, pages with ink on them?) and board games for those that want to be unplugged and away from it all. monday thru thursday they are open 630 - 700, friday 630 - 930 (awesome for sleepy escondido, right??), saturday from 730 - 800 and sunday is closed. they have all your coffee, latte, tea needs covered, a selection of pastries, and serve breakfast and lunch as well (try the vege panini with avocado).

come by + check out kettle coffee and tea then drop me a note, let me know your thoughts!

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  1. OH! sounds fun.... need to check it out for sure.
    I like Vintana too for happy hour... :)



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