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a new, updated template = a new, updated me?

if only that were true. i do feel a bit refreshed though, spruced up. you know, like the feeling you get right after a haircut or buying a new top for the wkend. not eternally changed, but definitely in a better mood.

that is now that its done...

what an ordeal this new template has been. if i didn't love it so much i would resent the pants off it (figuratively of course) ...
there i was all smug, i thought, how hard could it be?! way wrong, stacey. wrooong-o. after many hours + a shot of bourbon, i was in tears (LITERALLY. tears dropping from my face.) blubbering on and on at daniel, who BTW is mostly asleep at this point (i say mostly, not completely, mostly, because of the blubbering). he convinced me to go to bed, which was no small feat as i was rambling on and on (simultaneous with the blubbering, mind you) about the ills of technology (tell me one thing that we have GAINED from technology!!). but ultimately he won me over and i finally fell asleep... ish.

after brooding all my monday, we both get home and what does he do?? yah. i would say i hate his guts for figuring it out when i couldn't but i don't. not at all. not one bit. i thank him from the bottom of my heart. *sigh of relief*

that being said, i have a feeling im going to being tweaking (t-w-e-a-k-i-n-g, tweaking!... last you've got mail reference i promise... i think) it a bit more... but for now the more capable half has exerted his rights for at least a little laptop time this fine monday eve. arrgh. i guess he's earned it.

ahh well. happy monday folks. please gimme your feedback on the new look!

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