a stylists take (gamine).


 yah, thats me. in my most favorite haircut. ever.
 the cuts called gamine.
i have had this haircut for over a year. a whole year! this is noteworthy because i havent had the same haircut for over a year since i was thirteen years old. what this means is i really love this cut.
the word gamine means a girl with mischievous or boyish charm. and it is true that wearing this cut can bring out your playful and frolicsome side. it is low maintenance (except for regular trims, every 4 - 5 weeks) and makes a statement. it is perfect for those with an oval or heart shaped face. those with fine, straight hair can wear it with the most ease; however, it is possible for girls with coarser, wavy hair to pull it off well (more texturing is needed on the part of the stylist, more product and effort is necessary in the day to day styling).
if you have been thinking about a taking the plunge and going for a short cut, i highly recommend this style. if youre ready, tell your stylist...
hopefully, thats me ;)

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