a stylists take (tribal).


the tribal trend:

patterns, chevron, chambray, triangles, arrows, heck even ombre (i know its a french word but it fits in nice and neat with the rest)

i would ask "have you noticed?" except that this trend is going full force, its pretty fierce. you would have to wear blinders in the mall not to notice it.

i hate to admit, since it is so trendy... (oh, who are we kidding) that i love it, i mean LOVE. its bad... its come to the point where i am doodling arrows on my planner, my appointment book, any stray piece of paper i can get my hands on. gone are the days where i scribble daniels name with hearts all around (sorry babe!) now its fashion trends, ideas and designs.

unfortunately, though, as is the case when trends get really popular, there are cheap, tacky options and classy, tasteful options.
note: classy + tasteful does not always mean break-the-bank expensive (thank goodness, right?) because who would want to spend a hundred bucks on a tee you'll be wearing for one or two seasons?? no one. believe it or not, a trip to forever 21 may be enough to satisfy your needs.
the key is to be on the look out for pieces that are made well, with patterns that are not overly busy. also, make sure it fits. i know that seems obvious but theres nothing worse than a print top or (heaven forbid) pant that is too tight. pair the statement piece with denim or neutral, low key colors. last tip? dress it up with a fun piece of jewelry. (recently, my favorite has been a llama necklace by madewell).

happy friday, have fun getting dressed this weekend! toodles ;)

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  1. thanks for the tips!! see you tomorrow, Kemosabe.
    With love,
    The Lone Ranger.



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