a new season, a new hair color


i look a little unsure dont i? its probably because i am... a little bit. having lighter hair is beginning to grow on me though. being a stylist, i like to pride myself in being fearless. which, i really truly am (probably more than i should be, and definitely more than i should be proud of) but this time i surprised myself a little. its taken me longer than i though (granted, its only been 4 days) to get used to a new hair color. i change my cut all the time, grow it, cut it all off, repeat. but ive been a brunette (variations thereof, but brunette nonetheless) for 12 years. twelve. so its about time to shake things up, color-wise, that is. right?? so yaay for breaking out of my box!! and many apologies to my husband whose only opinion about my hair is he likes it dark... oops ;)

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