a few lovely things.


chamomile flowers from traders, they look kinda like weeds, but in a really good way.

every time i look at this grey squirrel candle i squeal (to myself... silently... i think). it reminds me of my little grey cat. (doesnt it look like bing?!)

daniel bought me this dachshund necklace for our 6 year anniversary.

these coasters from target.

my brother in law went to china. he brought hedgehogs home.

daniel found this on the beach. shell? skeleton? your guess is as good as mine but either way its awesome.

1 note/s:

  1. why is binglee pretending to be a squirrel candle? silly kitty cat..... those flowers look like daisies..... and yes, the shell/skeleton is pretty curious looking....Is that a horn? maybe it's a skeleton of a bull's head?



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