a stylists take (gamine).


 yah, thats me. in my most favorite haircut. ever.
 the cuts called gamine.
i have had this haircut for over a year. a whole year! this is noteworthy because i havent had the same haircut for over a year since i was thirteen years old. what this means is i really love this cut.
the word gamine means a girl with mischievous or boyish charm. and it is true that wearing this cut can bring out your playful and frolicsome side. it is low maintenance (except for regular trims, every 4 - 5 weeks) and makes a statement. it is perfect for those with an oval or heart shaped face. those with fine, straight hair can wear it with the most ease; however, it is possible for girls with coarser, wavy hair to pull it off well (more texturing is needed on the part of the stylist, more product and effort is necessary in the day to day styling).
if you have been thinking about a taking the plunge and going for a short cut, i highly recommend this style. if youre ready, tell your stylist...
hopefully, thats me ;)

coffee date (kettle coffee and tea).


currently, im sitting in a rather cute, relatively new coffee house on grand ave in downtown escondido.

its moments like these when i realise that escondido is not as uncool as i oftentimes think. sitting in the window in a comfy lounge chair, gazing out at the hubbub outside and sipping ginger peach iced tea, i find myself grateful for my early reprieve from the salon. i am meeting a friend for lunch but happened to get here an hour early. (ME. EARLY. must be a parallel universe... and one i happen to like).

this place is dripping with character, succulents all around (some for sale!), little tables and chairs, couches and cushy chairs. there are outlets for your phone or laptop for those that want to be plugged in, but books (you know, pages with ink on them?) and board games for those that want to be unplugged and away from it all. monday thru thursday they are open 630 - 700, friday 630 - 930 (awesome for sleepy escondido, right??), saturday from 730 - 800 and sunday is closed. they have all your coffee, latte, tea needs covered, a selection of pastries, and serve breakfast and lunch as well (try the vege panini with avocado).

come by + check out kettle coffee and tea then drop me a note, let me know your thoughts!

a few lovely things.


i love chia seeds.

daniels new tie.
"as long as i got my suit n tie..." (oh, JT...)

these little notebooks come in handy (plus there is a fox on one and hedgehogs on the other).

almost time for a new capri blue candle.

a shoe mess. a mess of most anything makes me break out in hives, but a mess of shoes? i take pictures. why is that?

gift wrapping.


april 1 is rapidly approaching and it is a much awaited day!
read about last year here and here.
his gift is all wrapped and on the fireplace (a week early! anticiapation!)
now all thats left is finishing touches and the most time consuming and important part of writing the card. cant wait to see what monday brings and the weekend to follow set aside to celebrate thirteen years.

snippets of the weekend.


 this weekend was so busy, evidence given by the below cell phone pics (i prefer camera pics but cell phone pics do give a more "living in the moment" feel right??)
saturday morning binglee helped me get ready for the day...
she loves hair and make-up time. shes such a girl ;) 
saturday was a great day.
daniel is not happy about being a little bit of a pack mule...
sunday morning we made a panera run. i love sunday mornings. this sunday we were up and out of the house by 10 til 7. waaaay to early for a sunday. does any one else think its wrong to get up before its light out?!!
sunday afternoon brunch at a friends house.
i wore my new eagle tee and got made fun of (irritating boys--including my husband!)
chamapagne in mason jars!! among the other offerings were lox + bagel, homemade cinammon rolls, and ginger mules. pretty sure i dont need to eat for a week (but i will.. )
sunday nite looked like this, legit slumber, snoring and all ;)
how was your weekend? 

a stylists take (tribal).


the tribal trend:

patterns, chevron, chambray, triangles, arrows, heck even ombre (i know its a french word but it fits in nice and neat with the rest)

i would ask "have you noticed?" except that this trend is going full force, its pretty fierce. you would have to wear blinders in the mall not to notice it.

i hate to admit, since it is so trendy... (oh, who are we kidding) that i love it, i mean LOVE. its bad... its come to the point where i am doodling arrows on my planner, my appointment book, any stray piece of paper i can get my hands on. gone are the days where i scribble daniels name with hearts all around (sorry babe!) now its fashion trends, ideas and designs.

unfortunately, though, as is the case when trends get really popular, there are cheap, tacky options and classy, tasteful options.
note: classy + tasteful does not always mean break-the-bank expensive (thank goodness, right?) because who would want to spend a hundred bucks on a tee you'll be wearing for one or two seasons?? no one. believe it or not, a trip to forever 21 may be enough to satisfy your needs.
the key is to be on the look out for pieces that are made well, with patterns that are not overly busy. also, make sure it fits. i know that seems obvious but theres nothing worse than a print top or (heaven forbid) pant that is too tight. pair the statement piece with denim or neutral, low key colors. last tip? dress it up with a fun piece of jewelry. (recently, my favorite has been a llama necklace by madewell).

happy friday, have fun getting dressed this weekend! toodles ;)

foggy londontown.


the first time, i was only 17.

it was my first time across the atlantic. my parents let me go with my friend and her family. for them? it was a challenge to let their one and only fly thousands of miles away without them. for me? it was epic. i blame london for my voracious love of travel, a lifelong love. the cobblestone streets of london charmed me. the history, the museums, the pubs, even the taxis and phone booths convinced me that this city was a city with character beyond what even i could have imagined...

the next time, daniel and i were newlyweds, married 6 months.
we had a clock radio. the morning of our flight the alarm woke us with elton john: "rolling like thunder, under the covers. well i guess thats why they call it the blues." daniel jumped up, bouncing on the bed, while he sang along. that may have been the first time he ever saw what he now affectionately calls the "trip smile" (apparently its much different from my other smiles, reserved alone for embarking on an adventure).
this time, with daniel, london was different. i woke up, our first morning, in our cramped room (complete with shared bathrooms, no hot water, and outlets that-- despite my adapter-- set my paul mitchell flat iron a little bit on fire) to a memory i will never forget. daniel was still asleep. i woke up with thoughts of being in my own bed, upon the realisation that i was in fact in london, i lept out of bed (this is very significant as i never, ever, LEAP out of bed) and almost skipped (yes, skipped) to the window. just as i peeked out over the grey early morning cityscape, a pigeon glided into my view and landed on a nearby building. at that moment i knew, london was different.

obviously, london itself didnt change. it must have been me. i saw london as a kid, now i was here again. only a few years later but no longer a kid. daniel was with me. just the two of us, on our own out in the world. exploring, on an adventure, making memories... making a life.
we did all the touristy things to do: the british museum, national gallery, british library, london eye, harrods, tower of london and tower bridge. most importantly, he bought me my very first pint.
it was the first of many trips together to follow (ireland, scotland, jamaica, costa rica, china... to name a few) and many (many!!) yet to come.

one of which, is another trip to london (hopefully on the third time my parents will come with, they say the third times a charm). this time, i just want to soak it in. forego the tourist traps for checking out the local haunts. soak in that character. you know, pretend it really is my city. pretend to be a londoner... oh, to be a londoner.

a few lovely things.


chamomile flowers from traders, they look kinda like weeds, but in a really good way.

every time i look at this grey squirrel candle i squeal (to myself... silently... i think). it reminds me of my little grey cat. (doesnt it look like bing?!)

daniel bought me this dachshund necklace for our 6 year anniversary.

these coasters from target.

my brother in law went to china. he brought hedgehogs home.

daniel found this on the beach. shell? skeleton? your guess is as good as mine but either way its awesome.

story of a day, ruined.


so here goes: my worst-day-of-the-month tale of woe.

all my lady friends out there... you feel me right?? (i say lady friends, but im pretty sure i dont need to specify as im pretty sure no man friends read this blog? well, after this post that will without a doubt be true... shoot).

i had my monday planned out, scheduled to max (as per usual) and when i woke up in the morning i was ready to go (semi-ready at least) when it hit. i knew it was coming but i like to ignore it or pretend maybe it will give a month a miss one of these days. nevertheless, my monday plans came to a cross road: do i power through? or do i take the sensible course? i decided to embark on my day and play it by ear. the pain increased little by little, reaching full throttle, cant-even-stand status around 2pm. so there i was completely useless to the world outside, feeling sorry for myself and a little guilty for cancelling my afternoon when it dawned on me-- the world can get on without you, stacey, and it does not need another martyr. youre in pain, not to mention super duper grouchy. no one probably wants to be around you anyway. dont feel guilty. its okay... nay, not just okay, your divine right (too far?) to REST on this day (its 1 out of 30 for goodness sake) if at all humanly possible...
(i actually do think all women should have this day off, it should be in the law somewhere).

once my reasonable self talked my unreasonable self off its small yet significant ledge, i began to truly see that i made the right choice. i got into my soft pants, nuked the heating pad and crawled (literally, crawled) into bed. its not only ok but good to take care of yourself once in awhile.

so i did.

feel free to comment on your worst days below. get it off your mind (and out into internet world...hmm) sometimes it helps ;)

snippets of the weekend.


friday evening i bought these daffodils.
arent they just the cheeriest??
best thing about spring. hands down.
saturday nite we stayed up late enough to watch saturday nite live.
i felt so rebellious ;)
(this one stayed up with us...)
(that one was mad and went to bed--bedtime is her favorite-- i think she felt cheated...)
when we finally woke up... we had a leisurely sunday morning walk (as you can see, springs in full swing). we did some reading and our usual sunday activities.
in the evening, daniels brother came over for dinner (burgers and veges on the grill, can you believe its grilling weather already?!) yummmmm.

how was your weekend? leave me some snippets, if you will!

the happiest hour


well technically two hours... this week my mom and i stole away two whole hours to catch up + chat. it has been some time since we have been able to spend some time together since our schedules lately have not been meshing. we went to vintana...
we were there for happy hour on their patio on a sunny and beautiful late spring afternoon, perfect. she got a cucumber lime martini and i got prosecco. we shared shrimp corn fritters. they were AMAZING. go. eat them. trust me.
it was just what we needed.
any other happy hour recommendations? leave me a note!
happy friday friends :)

a few lovely things.


this plant grows all over my yard and i love it.
got this blanket on sale at nordstroms home department. its seriously soft.

this thief+bandit pillow case came in the mail last week.
(tell me: what is better than getting something in the mail?!!)
(ps. im having a serious love affair with all things native-american-inspired...)

this chevron bag.

gift from a friend: a pink orchid.

earrings from madewell.
(in celebration of their arrival in san diego, yeesssss)



 i used to be a social person...
lately, ive been wondering what happened to those days?

maybe its getting older, growing up. i am still a social person, just more balanced perhaps.
 i really love home. its probably because all day, every day is packed with activities. flitting around from one thing to the next to the next. schedule, schedule, schedule. partly life, and partly my own fault. so when i get home for the evening, even if i have dishes in the sink and laundry piling up, i feel an immediate relief and sense of calm. im home. the buzz of the day quiets and i feel my shoulders fall ever so slightly (oh, and i silence my cell).

this wednesday evening daniel and i both arrived home later than usual, 730pm and 8pm respectively. we sat on the couch, snuggled up with our cats (against their will, of course) and discussed the day. just being home...
who knew? its the best part of every day.


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