saturday was a moment in time


...and it was a lovely one.
every winter daniel + i have our annual family brunch. his family and my family dont get the chance to get together all that often so this is a looked-forward to occasion. daniel made belgian waffles with berry compote and i made a sausage torte rustica (which is really a glorified casserole, and might i add, absolutely deee-licious). everyone contributes. my mom made smoked salmon, cream cheese + dill tea sandwiches that were to die for, my friend brought her renowned crepes as a surprise (best surprise ever.) and there was copious amounts of champagne, of course.
my house is small, but it doesnt matter, we just squish. no one ever seems to mind. it was a chilly day but even the grammas got by, sitting by the fire with hot coffee. outside was dressed up to the nines with pillows and blankets where we sat telling stories and laughing for hours...
there is always a bitter sweet feeling in my heart when its over. another year past, another is beginning. we survey the damage, clean up, daniel naps and i sit quietly reflecting... another year done. cant wait to see what the next one brings.


2 note/s:

  1. the brunch was delicious... a wonderful relaxing event. Thanks to you both!



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