a few lovely things.


my fox door knocker found a new home. 
my little new jade plant to keep my baby palm company. 
this winter time sunset
kindling, just because. 
these golden trees.

his/hers weekend snippets + thoughts on rules.

we shared this weekend with our families. half and half. two family dinners. mine saturday, his sunday. 

i gave myself a picture snapping reprieve. sometimes you're just not in the mood right? so todays IG shot of my family dinner is actually borrowed from my octobers family dinner blog post...
is that cheating?

my husband always says im being dishonest if i don't attach the appropriate caption to the corresponding photo, or if i use an old photo with a description of a current event. rules, rules, rules. of course he says it in jest but it gave me momentary pause. anyone else have thoughts on this? can i get some second opinions here? who made up all of these rules anyway?

i hate rules. they're annoying, yes? they often have the opposite of their intended effect in that one would rather rebel against them than abide by them. truly though, i have always been the opposite: an obedient and relatively straight-laced girl. in the big things i never break the rules. but regarding the unimportant, society-implied variety? well i suppose that's where i get any itch i may have for ignoring the rules out of my system. needless to say i will continue putting whatever picture i want with whatever caption i please. touché to daniel. ;)

saturday we went to my grams house so daniel could do some handiwork and repairs. we also picked out some potted plants to take home. we are gradually getting her house ready to put up for sale so she can move to our area. yipeeee! ive been waiting for the day to have my gram nearby and it's closer than ever. 

sunday was off to daniels parents for turkey dinner. yumm. we also returned home with no doubt enough food for a couple days if not the rest of the week. 

and then comes monday. stating the obvious, i know. it just comes faster and faster each week, doesn't it? 

well happy monday besides and hooray for a short week!

rusty blogger with some snippets of the weekend.


so maybe i was a little overly ambitious. when my blog got its makeover back in april-ish i had this (what i thought to be) reasonable goal of five posts each week: monday thru friday. turns out? not so reasonable. no, not at all. i haven't written about style in eons (which is actually what i wanted to write the most) and on the rare occasion i do sit down with my laptop its more so ramblings about nonsense and who knows what else.
i set this unreasonable goal and in doing so set myself up for failure. ive done this before (ie. gym goals in particular. "i will work out an hour a day every day!" ppsshhh). i will imagine up grand ideas and then mayday!! crash, burn, etc.
now, it is possible i have figured out how to solve it. (maybe). in a word: balance. instead of five posts each week and ending up with nada/zip, how about aiming for one each week? we will see how this new grand idea pans out. since its really more mediocre than grand it may actually work.

now! after that mini diatribe, the weekend! last nite we had our good friends over to celebrate their ten year anniversary. (side note: we have friends that have been married ten years?? and that's us in a year and a half. yikes.)
we made a cheese and hummus platter and had lentils and lavash for dinner. the whole thing had a semi middle eastern feel to it. we even ate on the floor using our hands. what fun i tell you! we migrated more toward the UK for dessert because we had scotch. (i know i know,  that's not technically dessert -- its better).
congrats to j+m, ten years is only the beginning. ;)

also, one fantastic side benefit to having friends over is it motivated us to bust out that ancient to-do list, blow the dust off, and get to work. saturday included our usual morning routine followed by cleaning, grocery shopping, more cleaning, painting, landscaping and reorganizing much of our tiny apartment. it really does wonders to have some of those things crossed off that list!

hoping all had a fabulous and stress-free weekend...
oh, and monday! if that's possible ;)

a few lovely things.


wild rosemary is the best kind of rosemary. the smell! 
daniels fresh baked bread with oh so much butter. 
our cozy bed. 
this corner.
(because due to cleaning + organizing its empty now!) 
my faaavorite scarf.
even though it has holes in it ;)

belated posts, etc.


new york has left a trail of mayhem in its wake. virtually every moment since we have arrived back home seems packed to the brim with activities, some essential and some non-essential. this leaves me filling any vestige of down-time with mindless instagram scrolling, endless law and order marathons and anything else that requires not even one ounce of energy.
nevertheless! here i am with a very overdue post about my grandparents sixty-first wedding anniversary. married sixty-one years, can you imagine?? they have quite the story. mind you, they each have their own version.  they are two of my very, very most favorite people on the planet. so we try to do a special something each year for their special day. my mom and i planned this year a beach picnic. we brought along their schnauzer barnabas levi (who we simply call barney) to play in the sand. it was his first time to the beach and didn't know quite what to make of it all. the day was beyond beautiful. im not always the greatest fan of the sunny weather (understatement?) but even i thought the day couldn't have been more perfect.
later, we headed to my parents house for cribbage, cocktails, gift-opening and homemade french stew. i also made a pumpkin pie because even if its warm its still november and im stubborn ;)
twas a good day.
more updates pending... ;)
//dedicated to my poppy + maukie//

i left my heart in new york city.


so here she is. after all of that planning, posting, planning, posting and repeat... here she is. NYC.
the big apple. the city that never sleeps. (and really-truly, i don't think this city ever sleeps. i am exhausted.) this being my fourth trip though, i felt like i knew what to expect. surely this time i wouldnt be surprised by anything right? boy was i wrong. 
although i knew i loved new york, i didn't expect to fall in love with it all over again, even more than ever before. there are so many memories tied up in this city, so much emotion. at the same time, there are future chances and opportunities in the air. that combination is enchanting to say the least.
("your mother was enchanting." "yes she was, how did you know that?!" i should mention there was a lot of you've got mail quoting as well).
we arrived wednesday nite, ate shake shack and explored. we had thursday on our own in midtown, central park + the lower east side. we went here, herehere, and here with tons of wandering in between which is what we do the best. ;) we ended up at a cute little pub where we chilled with a pint on a cozy couch and people watched. new york city has hands down the greatest people watching.
friday my best friend arrived early in the morning. we went to meet friends in brooklyn.
friday was most likely the best day. we saw old friends and met new friends. i heart brooklyn, by the way. for dinner we went to jack the horse in brooklyn heights. check it out next time youre in brooklyn -- the drinks and mac + cheese are delish. lastly, we were off to midtown manhattan for a view only a rooftop lounge had to offer. the moon shone thru the high rises. it was stunning. 
saturday we went into central park and stumbled upon a autumn festival where we grabbed hot cider and meandered thru the park snapping pictures of bright orange and yellow trees as the leaves blew off the limbs by the dozens... the stuff of my dreams. we found belvedere castle where daniel and i (and others... i was just so starry eyed i barely remember that part) went when we were eighteen and fifteen (respectively). we took our picture in the very same turret as we did 12 years ago. we also took our picture on a park bench imitating another picture from that same trip of years past. we were shoulder to shoulder (touching but not touching). awwww. ;)
from there we were off to the MET for a tour that was almost four hours long and was quite mind-blowing for lack of better words (i have notes in my journal -- you know, paper and pencil. if anyones interested). after the MET we found a quaint upper eastside pub for savory pies and a scotch selection unlikely to find outside of scotland.
sunday we headed up to the upper west side to hit zabars, riverside park and grays papaya (for the first time! seriously the best hot dogs around). find @hedghogchronicle on IG for our you've got mail snapshots (including kathleen kellys brownstone). we met up with friends in williamsburg for some shopping on the street and in the shops. williamsburg is the hipster area of brooklyn, super fun. then we grabbed thai at joya (perfect if youre looking for good food at normal people prices in the city). our friend took us up to the rooftop of his neighboring building for a breath-taking (literally breath-taking it was sooooo cold) view of the manhattan skyline and statue of liberty all lit up.
our last day was definitely the monday blues. we bought bagels and strolled thru the union street greenmarket for the morning. lunch was a shake shack again in madison square park nearby our hostel. we picked up our luggage and off to the e-train and JFK.
home again, home again. la-dee-da.
 but a note to the big city:
 you really do have my heart.
//dedicated to NYC//

snippets of last weekend.


what a great time with friends working together. last weekend we volunteered on a construction project in almost mexico. here's a quick snippet (it's 11:25 pm and today kicked my butt) then off to dreamland. ;)

solitary winery time.


ive never been one to go places alone. eat at a restaurant alone? never. after today though? i just might.

i went to our local winery for a wine pick-up and thought while im here why not do a tasting? just one. how spontaneous! it was perfect: so calm. so reflective. so un-stacey like. all i kept thinking was how beautiful twilight hour is this time of year and how the sunset shimmers across the vineyard. lemme tell you, those are some fabulous monday vibes. and i discovered something! i like to be alone in a public place sometimes-- other than the mall-- that I already knew ;) 

happy monday folks. some weekend snippets to follow... eventually. ;)

a few lovely things (an ode to fall).


a candle that fills the room with a fall scent.

bennett warming herself in a pile of fresh laundry, as usual. ;)

the perfect fall day, wish just a little nip in the air.

my new york travel notebook.

a daytime fire. ahhhhhh.

snippets of the weekend (delayed).


this past weekend was such a memorable one filled with the kind of events that one keeps close to their heart forever. it's one of those things that even i, the queen of sharing and bearing it all, will (believe it or not) keep from telling all of internet land (well i guess minus IG for any who cares to sneak and peak...) some things are just too special to splash all over the place. that being said though, family dinner at my grams house sunday for all to see! 
my gram made her homemade apple sauce just for me! she still spoils me like crazy ;) what a restful sunday. hope everyone's weekend was filled with lovely things to share and maybe some even more lovely things to tuck away in your mind and heart for always. 

pumpkin patch date.


today we went to the pumpkin patch.
the pumpkin patch i am pretty sure is one of my most happy places. isnt it so quintessentially fall?

daniel, ever so lovingly, agreed to do a sunset photo shoot of me for an IG contest to win a five hundred dollar madewell shopping spree. first of all, how great is he? and secondly, weeeeeee! could you imagine if i actually won?! i never win anything though i really think im jinxed in the winning of contests department. i don't know which ones to post yet, feel free to give me your input! they pick three winners on october 6th. here are some of our faves:

snippets of the weekend.


this weekend was a three day weekend and most of the activity was on friday. i took friday off (but daniel didn't, he had to work, poor guy) because the time had come to say goodbye (or zaijian as the chinese say) to courtney. it was pretty much awful but we did a pretty good job i daresay making the best of things thru the day. we did hair -- and by we i mean me ;) and got ready for the ball game at petco park together. padres won yaayy!

it was a pretty emotional day so we spent saturday and sunday recovering by doing responsible and cathartic activities, such as cleaning and organizing the closet ;)

//dedicated to my sister and best friend, it was a blast... until next time. love you to the moon and back xoxo//

beach camping (19th annual).


so turns out i was off on my counting, this was the 19th annual beach camping trip!
20 is next year and we can't wait.
here are some bits + pieces of this years goodbye to summer.

above: sandy juice!!
below: the oh-so-genius "junk" drawer saw much use ;)

until next year...

snippets of the weekend.


with friends visiting from out of town and our 20th annual beach camping trip just around the corner, life has been moving at a rapid speed. ahhhh camping, we all cannot wait. each year seems to get more and more hectic, life's stress and changes make this time together with family and friends that really truly are family all the more precious. the anticipation builds and then it's time. time to relax, time for sandy juice (my moms oh-so-delicious long island iced teas -- this year i got special mason jars with handles and lids to drink it in because dressing it up cute makes it taste even better), time for sunshine, laughter, tanlines, freckles, bare feet, sand, saltwater, crashing waves, scrabble matches, and campfires that linger into the wee hours. bring it on.

this past weekend flew by. saturday spent with daniels brother, his wife and their kids. it was so nice to be together and catch up. they live a few hours north of us in lovely santa barbara so we savor our time together as it is not as much or often as we would like. as for sunday, it was relaxed, just the usual sunday groove. and preparing ourselves for the whirlwind that is this week!

happy tuesday to all and to all a good nite. ;)

welcome home party.


just a note to say: firstly, look at that beautiful orange label! *sigh*
secondly, im so, so happy we are a complete trio again for three weeks. lets soak it all in!!
and: camping!!!! xoxo
 //dedicated to my girls//

snippets of the weekend.

this weekend was filled with much but surprisingly low key and relaxing. the above snippets are from a mustache themed baby shower for friends of ours that are having a boy very soon (congrats to them!). the party was at a lovely park with a playground for all the kids and a baseball field for the older kids, like daniel. ;) it was a hot, humid, sticky, hot, balmy, caribbean-like, un-southern-california-like (did i mention hot??) weekend. we expected being out in the heat at the park would be miserable but i pretended we were on vacation and it was actually quite enjoyable!

sunday we rested in the morning and went to our good friends house to welcome home from china one of my very best best friends. she has been living there for two years and is home for her sisters wedding. we brought in this special occasion with party hats, noise makers, silly string and of course, champagne. welcome home court!! xoxo

and happy september!


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