tomorrow, i could kiss you


thats me under that tree... can you see me? thats me splashing in those calm topaz waters... do you see me? i know, im not actually in the picture but im doing visualization exercises.

tomorrow nite daniel and i are on the red eye to florida to take a cruise thru the caribbean. oh ya baby. we are continuing the celebration of my grandparents 60th with my parents and my grandma on my dads side (who fabulously organized the cruise for us, thanks gram!)

we board then its 2 days at sea til we hit aruba (thats aruba in the pic above... you know, the one with me in it waving, "hi friends!") from there we do 5 more: bonaire (netherland antilles), grenada, dominica, st thomas + princess cays (bahamas).

im glad that we are 2 days at sea first so that my body can tell my brain that its time to rest, im on vacation, a real one. we usually take the kinds of trips that are adventures. GO GO GO til you collapse. which, i happen to love. but this kind of trip is welcome. welcome trip!! the kind of trip thats a vacation. where "relax" is my middle name. maybe i should go by that on the cruise?? ... maybe not. anyways, the point is, i will have time for family, time for daniel, and time for me. time to read a book!! this excites me greatly.

so bon voyage for now, heres to sailing the seas...

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