romance of the fifties


november 8, 2012 is the 60th wedding anniversary of my grandparents
this month...{and next} is going to be a month of celebration!
so more updates are to come... this is the first of the upcoming festivities:
together with one of my very best friends and her husband we worked on a delicious dinner in honor of them and their beautiful marriage. the evening was filled with story telling and laughter {especially because they have an adorable 10 month old baby boy who entertained us for hours!}
the cocktail hour:
martinis {ala my bartending father} or champagne
marscapone + lemon curd filled dates drizzled with balsamic vinegar
individual glasses of vege medley + hummus
the main course:
white or red wine
sea bass with mediterranean tapenade
grilled tri-tip
mashed potato with carmelized shallots
sauteed zuchinni
bleu cheese, dried cranberry + poppy seed tossed salad
selection of cupcakes, cake pops, bonbons + cookies
here are some snippets from the nite!


2 note/s:

  1. What a gorgeous and thoughtful celebration. Love the 1952 trivia board. I LOVE things like that- eg the birthday cards for the year you were born that come with a CD of hits from that year and general trivia. For 50/60th birthdays etc my Mum goes to the library and gets a copy of the front page of the newspaper from the day the person was born. Maybe that is something you could do for the day your grandpartents were married?

    On a totally different note I'm going to check where I found the instructions on how to put an Instagram feed on your blog. It was pretty easy to do. Will get back to you. And I'm now following you on the gram :)



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