mondays are mad


the mondays of my life lately have been a little hard to take...
without going into too many boring + personal details, lemme just say: they are long. eleven and a half hrs long from start to finish. and they are rushed + mentally draining. but monday nite when the clock strikes 730 pm i am done. finished. finito. checked out. my journal and hedgehog mug of tea beckon me, along with my lap top full of unseen pins. have i ever mentioned my love affair with pinterest? oh pinterest how i love thee...
hoping everyone survived their mondays and found at least a sliver of quiet time.
happy new week to all!
ps. i forgot to say there was a fire in the fireplace involved as well. how could i forget that?? its like the single most vital aspect to the monday wind-down after all. my hubby channelled his inner lumberjack and we had a fire with real firewood, yipee for not the fake log kind of fire ;)

2 note/s:

  1. i feel ya! loved this post. my evening was similar...but with wine :)

  2. Isabel canceled, so I watched The Voice!! :)



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