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so i am currently blogging whilst youve got mail is playing in the background. this is my second movie of the day. first was fantastic mr fox. dont you love days like this? a day off in the middle of the week. a real day off. its like the thing of fairytales and bedtime stories.
i love being at home. its safe and cozy. a place to relax and just be yourself. to have a break from being "on." dont get me wrong, i love my work as a hairstylist. it brings me so much joy to be in the salon with the energy + creativity flowing. but at times, its taxing. talk, talk, talk, talk... then talk some more. and im a talker. so when i need a break, you know its bad.
today was different. a thursday at home with my hubby + a few friends. we made brunch. mmm.
daniel made waffles. his waffles. for those of you that know him, you know this is significant. it happens once a year {if youre fortunate} and is like eating an airy cloud laced with yeasty, buttery deliciousness. he makes the batter the nite before to rise overnite and pairs them with a warm berry compote + vanilla whipped cream. i juiced grapefruits + oranges for mimosas and made french pressed coffee. contributions from friends were: croque monsieur. goats milk yogurt with pumpkin granola + blueberries. egg, sausage + cheddar frittata. and last but not least, ingredients to make a cocktail we so wittily {is that a word??} named "its bourbon thyme."
its bourbon thyme:
in 8 oz glass add:
1 shot orange juice
1 shot fresh lemon juice
1 shot bourbon
in martini shaker muddle few sprigs of thyme + 1 shot maple syrup
pour mixture from glass into shaker
shake, pour, add thyme as garnish
{pictured below!!}
happy mid week time off to all, enjoy!!

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  1. That cocktail sounds fantastic. I never would of thought to put that combination together.



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