a flurry of snapshots


 our trip to portland was a collaborative effort...
friends who have been + our personal research merged and resulted in a rather lengthy to-do list. as we only had 2 full days, we tried our best to narrow our list down to the must-sees which included mothers bistro {as recommended by a friend: get the wild salmon hash. trust me. no regrets}, powells, eastside breweries {cascade specializes in sours that knock your socks off}, voodoo donuts {captain crunch donut was my fave} + the saturday street market. as we pitter-pattered around the city we added little gems we found along the way.
what personality portland has! it is urban + hipster... too cool for school, if you will. however, what makes portland special is that its coolness doesnt take away from its friendly, down-to-earth vibe. probably the friendliest city we have ever explored. so even though our adventure was short it definitely was sweet
here are some snippets...



4 note/s:

  1. Gorgeous photos! I'm dying to get to that side of the world *sigh*

  2. looks like a nice relaxing time! love the pic of your looking down at your shoes with the leaves! and love your outfits!! :)

  3. What great photos! And I love how they are so Fall appropriate with all of the pretty leaves! :)
    xo TJ

    1. thanks for stopping by my blog, i checked out yours its fantastic! one of these trips we will make it up just a bit further to seattle, ive always wanted to go. x



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