vogue says:


"think BIG...

if you're the kind of woman who likes anonymity in her wardrobe-- who prefers the utilitarian uniform of an all-white pantsuit or a little black shift to any bold statement of personal style-- this, frankly, isn't your season.

hold on to your hats: fall is going to blow in like a gale, on the winds of what we are calling hyperfashion-- all the best pieces exaggerated, pushed to the nth degree. prints are kinetic or magnified. fabrics are slicked up or metallicized. even the minimalist silhouettes are coming on stronger, pieced together in cool interesting planes of flat, powerful color. many of the best workday looks fall from shoulders as wide as a clothes hanger. hair is windblown, lips a slash of unabashed matte red.

chic is a confidence game. go big or go home."

if the above quote inspires you as much as it inspired me, click on fashion + style for more.

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