the makings of a masterpiece

10.08.2012 least i hope its a masterpiece for how time consuming it is to make pumpkin pie from a pumpkin...
first of all, though, look at how cute it is. isnt it cute?! i had to take its picture before we desecrated the poor thing. i almost felt guilty about it. as if the pumpkin has feelings... its just so cute though. isnt it??
anyways, so here we go step by step thru the making of pumpkin puree:

    step 1: put on your favorite apron (this may be the most important of all steps)
    step 2: preheat the oven to 350 deg

     step 3: cut the pumpkin in half (daniel did the honors here... knife wielding is really not my forte)

step 4: oil the inside of each half

    step 5: place face down on cookie sheet with 2 c of water

step 6: bake for 90 min or until pumpkin is soft
step 7: cool
step 8: puree in food processor
step 9: strain extra moisture (what we did was put the pumpkin puree in a paper towl lined colander) for 2 hrs.
step 10: refrigerate and use shortly or freeze and use later

so now the puree is done but still have a ways to go. make the crust. then the pie. after its all said and done maybe i wont want to eat it ...

on second thought, i doubt it.

2 note/s:

  1. i love this! it should be your tradition of pumpkin pie from scratch...and it can be mine to eat it :)

  2. it was delicious! Thanks for all the hard work to make a tasty masterpiece!!



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