planning + packing


decision: made
tickets: bought
hotel: booked
remember a few weeks back when i wrote we were planning a fall weekend away? well after many an internet search and much time spent in deliberation, we made a choice:
 portland, oregon.
 we have neither of us been to the pacific northwest and it is (drumroll please...) COLD! the weather in portland lately has been mid-50s and rainy. ahhh.
 i like to start packing asap so here is the start...

we are flying spirit which charges for absolutley everything, but the tickets were cheap, so what are ya gonna do? i choose to view it as a challenge of my packing skills (which, believe it or not, are ah-mazing) and i will be only bringing one "personal item" for free... and maybe have to wear quite a few layers on the plane. hmm. but still... i defy daniel, even any boy! to one-up my packing skills.

the plan is to do all the touristy sites-- powells bookstore, lan su chinese garden, saturday street market, hawthorne street shopping, stumptown coffee roasters, voodoo doughnut, and of course the local craft breweries. we cant wait to get on that plane and soar off to our short, yet much needed + well awaited getaway. looking forward to sharing details... good thursday to all, tomorrow is friday!

4 note/s:

  1. Did I spy the fox sweater in that pile? I believe i did!! yes, so looking forward to the weekend, however, it will be 90 here & sunny! hence your much desired weekend getaway :)

  2. I'm so jealous you're going to Powells! And Stumptown! Mind if I live vicariously through your travels? Oh, and please take tons of cute pictures <3

  3. How fun! We're hoping for a trip to Portland next summer! (PS. those boots are killer!)

    1. yaay you will absolutely love it, we just got back + i did my entry about our trip if you want some ideas of things to do! i love your blog btw so much!



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