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you know how sometimes you feel like you have your own "things"? you know, things that belong to you? no matter how trivial they seem to be on the surface, they are yours. they make up your individuality. im sure you know what im talking about... you have them, dont you?

some of mine are: doing hair, anthropologie, learning chinese, my ridiculous planner, youve got mail, anne of green gables, jane austen, superman, nsync {i didnt say that all of them are easy to admit too}, and woodland creatures of all kinds {esp. hedgehogs of course}

now. question: what happens when you realize that your "things" are other peoples "things" too? because they are. there are lots of people in this world after all. why does it feel like that person is stealing from you, when in fact they may not have known how you feel or may not even know you at all?

i may have come to a realisation. maybe. instead of feeling this commonality as an attack, why not view it as a strength? really, shouldnt we have things in common with others? it brings friendship and solidarity. it brings joy when we share things with others. diversity is good, but isnt unity its equal? or maybe even better? plus, at the end of the day, there is truly something about each and every one of us that makes us unique. something that is ours. the adventure of life is finding it.

2 note/s:

  1. Great blog post! And I'll add, for those of us that know you, you are also loyal & kind. Always looking out for the best interests of others.... :) which adds to your unique style.

  2. ooh i love this! i suppose we all have different combinations in "our things" which is the strength in being able to share and connect through them with so many people. ie unity.

    and WE both have nat the fat rat as our unity totem! thanks for dropping by my blog. i love your profile picture. too cute.



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