a few fall favorites


every fall there are a few things that i especially look forward to:
picking out a new planner (mine is from www.anthropologie.com). despite the surge of technology, i like the old fashioned way of scheduling my life: paper + ink
buying a candle that smells like fire such as fireside from www.bathandbodyworks.com
matches, from a local boutique, with season-appropriate packaging to go with my woodsy candle
flowers (like the below pictured bundle from trader joes) of the autumn variety
happy fall!

planning + packing


decision: made
tickets: bought
hotel: booked
remember a few weeks back when i wrote we were planning a fall weekend away? well after many an internet search and much time spent in deliberation, we made a choice:
 portland, oregon.
 we have neither of us been to the pacific northwest and it is (drumroll please...) COLD! the weather in portland lately has been mid-50s and rainy. ahhh.
 i like to start packing asap so here is the start...

we are flying spirit which charges for absolutley everything, but the tickets were cheap, so what are ya gonna do? i choose to view it as a challenge of my packing skills (which, believe it or not, are ah-mazing) and i will be only bringing one "personal item" for free... and maybe have to wear quite a few layers on the plane. hmm. but still... i defy daniel, even any boy! to one-up my packing skills.

the plan is to do all the touristy sites-- powells bookstore, lan su chinese garden, saturday street market, hawthorne street shopping, stumptown coffee roasters, voodoo doughnut, and of course the local craft breweries. we cant wait to get on that plane and soar off to our short, yet much needed + well awaited getaway. looking forward to sharing details... good thursday to all, tomorrow is friday!

note of thanks


how often do we say a word of thanks to our husbands? when we have a good one, shouldnt we be grateful everyday? in an effort not to take mine for granted, im providing the above evidence of why i need to count my blessings.

tulips are my favorite flower (not to be confused with daisies, which are, without a doubt, the friendliest flower) and they were our wedding flower, so they carry with them an especially lovely memory. last week i was having a particularly bad day and after listening to my woes all evening long, he brought these home for me the next day... arent they beautiful?

so heres a note of appreciation for always having a hearing ear, a shoulder, a best friend, for always having a partner in your corner to bring you flowers.

masterpiece made


and the saga of the pumpkin pie continues...
after a nite in the fridge the puree was waiting, begging me to be a pie. so i had to concede. right?
 first: the crust {check out my pinterest board "delish" for the bon appetit pie crust recipe, which was, mind you, incredibly easy. im never using the fake crust from the store ever again} then: the filling.
the filling was:
4 eggs beaten
add 3 c pumpkin puree + mix
add 1 and 1/2 c sugar
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 tsp salt
1 tsp ginger
1 tsp cloves
1 tsp nutmeg
dash of all spice
1 and 1/2 can full fat {duh} evap. milk
pour in soon-to-be flaky homemade crusts and bake at 450 for 15 min and then 350 for 45 min.

         oh yah... happy fall + enjoy!!

definition of myself

you know how sometimes you feel like you have your own "things"? you know, things that belong to you? no matter how trivial they seem to be on the surface, they are yours. they make up your individuality. im sure you know what im talking about... you have them, dont you?

some of mine are: doing hair, anthropologie, learning chinese, my ridiculous planner, youve got mail, anne of green gables, jane austen, superman, nsync {i didnt say that all of them are easy to admit too}, and woodland creatures of all kinds {esp. hedgehogs of course}

now. question: what happens when you realize that your "things" are other peoples "things" too? because they are. there are lots of people in this world after all. why does it feel like that person is stealing from you, when in fact they may not have known how you feel or may not even know you at all?

i may have come to a realisation. maybe. instead of feeling this commonality as an attack, why not view it as a strength? really, shouldnt we have things in common with others? it brings friendship and solidarity. it brings joy when we share things with others. diversity is good, but isnt unity its equal? or maybe even better? plus, at the end of the day, there is truly something about each and every one of us that makes us unique. something that is ours. the adventure of life is finding it.

date with my mama


now and then my mom and i like to play hooky from life...
and when we play hooky we like to shop...

         (hey, thats me in the reflection!)

               isnt the above a beautiful sight?
 after shopping we do a late lunch... this was our first time to true food kitchen. it features fresh, seasonal ingredients.

 i ordered the autumn ingredient salad with brussel sprouts, cauliflower, mulberries, pomegranate seeds, white beans, squash + grilled chicken, tossed in a light wasabi vinegarette...

       and we shared the flower child cocktail with gin, soda, fennell, and star anise.

  thanks to my mom for a fun day together. love our special time together. XOXO

the makings of a masterpiece


...at least i hope its a masterpiece for how time consuming it is to make pumpkin pie from a pumpkin...
first of all, though, look at how cute it is. isnt it cute?! i had to take its picture before we desecrated the poor thing. i almost felt guilty about it. as if the pumpkin has feelings... its just so cute though. isnt it??
anyways, so here we go step by step thru the making of pumpkin puree:

    step 1: put on your favorite apron (this may be the most important of all steps)
    step 2: preheat the oven to 350 deg

     step 3: cut the pumpkin in half (daniel did the honors here... knife wielding is really not my forte)

step 4: oil the inside of each half

    step 5: place face down on cookie sheet with 2 c of water

step 6: bake for 90 min or until pumpkin is soft
step 7: cool
step 8: puree in food processor
step 9: strain extra moisture (what we did was put the pumpkin puree in a paper towl lined colander) for 2 hrs.
step 10: refrigerate and use shortly or freeze and use later

so now the puree is done but still have a ways to go. make the crust. then the pie. after its all said and done maybe i wont want to eat it ...

on second thought, i doubt it.

a perfect sunday afternoon is...


going to your local pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin for the purpose of attempting to make a pumpkin pie from scratch... you know from the actual pumpkin and not a can. i love making pumpkin pie and ive always wanted to do this. and the process in and of itself is quite lovely.

bates nut farm is a nearby family-owned farm and general store that every fall holds all sorts of festivities in addition to the patch, including pony rides, face painting, petting zoo, ice cream, kettle corn, caramel apples and local vendors selling their wares.

as you can see the petting zoo was the hilite of our little afternoon adventure...
and the piece de resistance: our very own pumpkin. now off to make pumpkin puree... will keep all posted as to the results. enjoy your sunday + happy fall!

vogue says:


"think BIG...

if you're the kind of woman who likes anonymity in her wardrobe-- who prefers the utilitarian uniform of an all-white pantsuit or a little black shift to any bold statement of personal style-- this, frankly, isn't your season.

hold on to your hats: fall is going to blow in like a gale, on the winds of what we are calling hyperfashion-- all the best pieces exaggerated, pushed to the nth degree. prints are kinetic or magnified. fabrics are slicked up or metallicized. even the minimalist silhouettes are coming on stronger, pieced together in cool interesting planes of flat, powerful color. many of the best workday looks fall from shoulders as wide as a clothes hanger. hair is windblown, lips a slash of unabashed matte red.

chic is a confidence game. go big or go home."

if the above quote inspires you as much as it inspired me, click on fashion + style for more.


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