wishing a weekend getaway


yosemite... just saying the word awakens all of my senses. i can feel the crisp, cold air with just the right amount of nip. i can smell the pines. i can see the vast, endless, natural beauty. no cell phones, no technology, no cities, no people if you hike far enough... the below pic is from the fall before last which was my first and only time to yosemite. lately, i have been thinking, eating, breathing yosemite, for many reasons...

one is that i so very desparately want it to be fall. please let the 95 degree weather with humidity go bye bye... please oh pretty please. i cant wait to wear my fall clothes (see fashion + style) and usually around this time of year my family and friends start to tease me because i decide that i am mad and im going to wear tights, boots and sweaters whether its hot as death or not. just willing it to happen. maybe its my version of a rain dance... but, alas, it never works and i just end up turning bright red, sweating in an un-lady-like manner and needing to replenish my fluids.

another reason is because daniel + i havent been on our own anywhere since winter in china (see mandarin diaries) which really doesnt count either because we were visiting friends so we were only alone when we were on planes... or trains. and thats not really prime bonding time, is it? at home we are busy with life as all are so our private, much-needed "us" time tends to fall thru the cracks. hence, a weekend away is in order!

we are still in the discussion phase but we are hoping november and i am hoping yosemite. we shall see... what are your favorite cold weather, commune with nature, quick getaway destinations?

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