sun sets on summer


traditions are a beautiful thing, especially when they just happen naturally, unplanned.

every september my family and a few of our closest friends go beach camping. every september. for 18 years.

ive grown up at this beach, this campground, with sand, salt and tanlines. at the end of the trip my lips are just a bit blistered and my back just a bit sore but i am never ready to leave. none of us are really. because it means saying goodbye to summer... and to each other. granted, we see each other often... but it isnt the same. we see each other in real life, not in camping life. camping life is like living in a bubble. we know life is happening around us; yet, unplugged and disconnected, we dont see it. we are blissfully floating and drifting away from it with each passing moment. so when is is time to dismantle our home together, pop our perfectly constructed camping bubble and say goodbye, there is a piece of all of us that remains there at that campsite. waiting to start all over again. waiting for next semptember.





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  1. love the pictures! Can't believe you've never had training in photography. :)



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