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i have made a realisation: another reason why i love woodland creatures is because i can relate to their nocturnal habits. always out and about at all hours of the nite. nitetime seems to be the only time i allow myself to unwind. i vacuum, i do laundry, i read, i have a cup of tea (or a splash of whiskey), i watch friends reruns, i pin, i instagram and i blog. and i love it. this is when i do my best musing. only the longer and later one stays up, the harder and harder it is to wake up. therefore, i oversleep, rush, and oftentimes dont have my make-up on til noon.

i really need to work on breaking this habit... you know, start going to bed at a quote, unquote normal hour... starting tomorrow. i hope. goodnite to all (most of you are probably asleep) from me... the nite owl.

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  1. Hey There!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello, it made my day! You're blog is super cute and I am l-o-v-i-n-g that tea cup! Hope your sleep pattern is working out!
    xxo New Follower,
    Kate at

  2. love the imaginative headings & signatures for your different blogs..... "sun sets on summer" and "nite owl".



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