first day of fall...


just saying those words brings up all kinds of mental images, doesn't it? a crackling fire in the fireplace, vibrant colored leaves on the trees, baking pumpkin pies wearing a cardigan, uggs + an apron... mmm.

today it was a high of 95 degrees. what a way to kick off the season, right? i know what you're thinking -- i live in southern california, i shouldn't complain. but i have a theory: no matter where you live, if you have the same weather day in + day out, it gets frustrating, and it gets old. yes, my friends, the heat gets old.

anyways, fall is my favorite season. my favorite season used to be summer, which im sure it was for us all when we were kids... i loved the beach, the pool, the long days, and of course no school. but ive changed. ive grown up. i actually like the shorter days now. something about it getting dark earlier tells my brain its time to unwind. time to decompress. time to sit on the couch with daniel, a fire, a glass of red wine, and law + order reruns. oh how i love the nite time. so (as you can tell) im more than ready for falls arrival. and even if i have to wait a few more weeks, its worth the wait...

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