dont you just love new york in the fall?


it makes me want to buy school supplies. i would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils, if i had your name and address; but then again, this not knowing has its charm...
you've got mail is my favorite movie.
I remember seeing it for the first time as a kid with my parents in san luis obisbo. it was fall, mind you. my aunt and uncle were visiting from michigan; ironically, they just so happen to be visiting again right now. maybe that's why this is on my mind? or maybe its because i have been hearing of the hint of fall in new york on the weather channel? i need to stop watching the weather channel... but this is beside the point.
the point is youve got mail made an impression on me even then. it was witty and charming, endearing and real. kinda like nora ephron... go figure.
the movie stuck with me for more than one reason. it taught me things about life. it taught me that the people we love aren't perfect and they have flaws, but that loving them is worth it. it taught me not to give up on my dreams. it taught me that success is not in money or in business. it taught me that life should be personal. it taught me about new york. that it is a the city of energy and possibility. new york is enchanting. i have been enchanted and in love with new york city ever since you've got mail. i blame it entirely. but would never take it back.
my ranting, it seems, shows that i am in dire need of a trip to the city. soon i hope...
in the meantime, i always have my movie.

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