dont you just love new york in the fall?


it makes me want to buy school supplies. i would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils, if i had your name and address; but then again, this not knowing has its charm...
you've got mail is my favorite movie.
I remember seeing it for the first time as a kid with my parents in san luis obisbo. it was fall, mind you. my aunt and uncle were visiting from michigan; ironically, they just so happen to be visiting again right now. maybe that's why this is on my mind? or maybe its because i have been hearing of the hint of fall in new york on the weather channel? i need to stop watching the weather channel... but this is beside the point.
the point is youve got mail made an impression on me even then. it was witty and charming, endearing and real. kinda like nora ephron... go figure.
the movie stuck with me for more than one reason. it taught me things about life. it taught me that the people we love aren't perfect and they have flaws, but that loving them is worth it. it taught me not to give up on my dreams. it taught me that success is not in money or in business. it taught me that life should be personal. it taught me about new york. that it is a the city of energy and possibility. new york is enchanting. i have been enchanted and in love with new york city ever since you've got mail. i blame it entirely. but would never take it back.
my ranting, it seems, shows that i am in dire need of a trip to the city. soon i hope...
in the meantime, i always have my movie.

a perfect sunday afternoon is...


escaping the heat of the day in the haven of the air-conditioned movie theatre. daniel + i went to the movies with my parents. and this was no small feat, considering how much my husband and my dad both go to the movies kicking + screaming. why do they hate the movies?! i dont know, it remains a mystery to me as i have many a time asked and to no avail... do all men hate the movie theatre?? anyways, i digress. it all turned out well because this movie--trouble with the curve--was fantastic. it has the baseball factor (for the men) and the romance + father/daughter relationship (for the women) and is an all around feel-good film. after the movie just me + daniel went across the way to churchills, a favorite among our crew of friends, for wings and a pint. and after movie + dinner we were home by 9pm. now thats a perfect sunday.

first day of fall...

just saying those words brings up all kinds of mental images, doesn't it? a crackling fire in the fireplace, vibrant colored leaves on the trees, baking pumpkin pies wearing a cardigan, uggs + an apron... mmm.

today it was a high of 95 degrees. what a way to kick off the season, right? i know what you're thinking -- i live in southern california, i shouldn't complain. but i have a theory: no matter where you live, if you have the same weather day in + day out, it gets frustrating, and it gets old. yes, my friends, the heat gets old.

anyways, fall is my favorite season. my favorite season used to be summer, which im sure it was for us all when we were kids... i loved the beach, the pool, the long days, and of course no school. but ive changed. ive grown up. i actually like the shorter days now. something about it getting dark earlier tells my brain its time to unwind. time to decompress. time to sit on the couch with daniel, a fire, a glass of red wine, and law + order reruns. oh how i love the nite time. so (as you can tell) im more than ready for falls arrival. and even if i have to wait a few more weeks, its worth the wait...

sun sets on summer


traditions are a beautiful thing, especially when they just happen naturally, unplanned.

every september my family and a few of our closest friends go beach camping. every september. for 18 years.

ive grown up at this beach, this campground, with sand, salt and tanlines. at the end of the trip my lips are just a bit blistered and my back just a bit sore but i am never ready to leave. none of us are really. because it means saying goodbye to summer... and to each other. granted, we see each other often... but it isnt the same. we see each other in real life, not in camping life. camping life is like living in a bubble. we know life is happening around us; yet, unplugged and disconnected, we dont see it. we are blissfully floating and drifting away from it with each passing moment. so when is is time to dismantle our home together, pop our perfectly constructed camping bubble and say goodbye, there is a piece of all of us that remains there at that campsite. waiting to start all over again. waiting for next semptember.





nite owls + midnite musings



i have made a realisation: another reason why i love woodland creatures is because i can relate to their nocturnal habits. always out and about at all hours of the nite. nitetime seems to be the only time i allow myself to unwind. i vacuum, i do laundry, i read, i have a cup of tea (or a splash of whiskey), i watch friends reruns, i pin, i instagram and i blog. and i love it. this is when i do my best musing. only the longer and later one stays up, the harder and harder it is to wake up. therefore, i oversleep, rush, and oftentimes dont have my make-up on til noon.

i really need to work on breaking this habit... you know, start going to bed at a quote, unquote normal hour... starting tomorrow. i hope. goodnite to all (most of you are probably asleep) from me... the nite owl.

wishing a weekend getaway


yosemite... just saying the word awakens all of my senses. i can feel the crisp, cold air with just the right amount of nip. i can smell the pines. i can see the vast, endless, natural beauty. no cell phones, no technology, no cities, no people if you hike far enough... the below pic is from the fall before last which was my first and only time to yosemite. lately, i have been thinking, eating, breathing yosemite, for many reasons...

one is that i so very desparately want it to be fall. please let the 95 degree weather with humidity go bye bye... please oh pretty please. i cant wait to wear my fall clothes (see fashion + style) and usually around this time of year my family and friends start to tease me because i decide that i am mad and im going to wear tights, boots and sweaters whether its hot as death or not. just willing it to happen. maybe its my version of a rain dance... but, alas, it never works and i just end up turning bright red, sweating in an un-lady-like manner and needing to replenish my fluids.

another reason is because daniel + i havent been on our own anywhere since winter in china (see mandarin diaries) which really doesnt count either because we were visiting friends so we were only alone when we were on planes... or trains. and thats not really prime bonding time, is it? at home we are busy with life as all are so our private, much-needed "us" time tends to fall thru the cracks. hence, a weekend away is in order!

we are still in the discussion phase but we are hoping november and i am hoping yosemite. we shall see... what are your favorite cold weather, commune with nature, quick getaway destinations?

fall in love


happy september! check out "fashion+style" for recent updates on fall trends...

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