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what a crazy couple of weeks of summer this has been!! i haven't had time to sit and watch a rerun of law + order, let alone update my blog (and for those of you that know me, you know how serious i am about being busy when i dont even have time to watch law + order) BUT life as i have known it these past two weeks is calming down to my usual high-speed, high-energy, high-strung pace... you know, the one that im used to...

this weekend i blocked off mostly to be with my hubby. yesterday we slept in (gasp!) and laid in bed for awhile, backwards with our heads at the foot of the bed by the open window, drinking in the cloudy mist of the morning. it hasnt been cloudy in months and oh how i love cloudy. we just caught up on each others lives and talked nonsense, which, by the way, is my absolute favorite subject.

once we had our coffee and a short run around the neighborhood we were off to the pannikin, an old train station turned coffee shop in leucadia. if you have never been, go. go now! well, actually not now, now its 10:49pm, so go in the morning. they have the best coffee, tea, pastries and a fabulous lunch menu to boot. they have been featured in local sd newspapers for their quaint, eclectic style. i ordered the curried chicken on lettuce and an iced tea. yumm.

from there we went to the la costa forum for... anthropologie of course. and urban and h+m. we shopped around and got some odds + ends and this + that including this fantastic find below: a hedgehog tea towel... needless to say i wasnt leaving without it.

after shopping around we went out for a beer and then headed home for the evening. it was a lovely, restful day. Now, however, with a heavy heart i bid the weekend farewell. goodnite sunday, until we meet again...

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