scheduled spontaneity


because of our ... eh-hem ... my busy on-the-go, planned-out-every-minute lifestyle, the hubby and i hardly get to spend one-on-one time together on the weekends. so about a month ago (pathetic i know) i wrote (in ink, mind you, therefore you know i'm serious) : "date weekend. do whatever you want by yourselves."

impromptu censorship and silliness whilst enjoying rose mimosas at cafe chloe east village, downtown san diego

 this place is french-inspired and absolutely fantastic, please do yourselves a favor and go if you live or are ever in san diego.

2 note/s:

  1. i love cafe chloe!!!! which champagne did you get?

  2. looks like such a nice relaxing time!! You best be scheduling those "spontaneous" weekends -- marked with ink -- more often. :) And I kid you not, you really should take a photography class... hey! that's something you two should do together! aren't I wise? like a miniature buddha.



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