once upon a time...


i was a bachelorette...

and as lovely as this season was (truly was one of my faves... i heart jef + emily. go team jef!) i wouldnt trade my married life for anything.

nonetheless, this was a great sunday evening. my hubby went with his bro to the movies and i had a date with my mama watching mindless, frivolous, good old-fashioned american TV...

and we enjoyed delicious bogle chardonnay...

now, before we had said glasses of chardonnay we shared a bottle of champagne... you know, to celebrate jef + emily of course. after the champagne, my mom decided to she wanted to try the chardonnay and seemed as if she was just fine with pouring a taste into the stemless champagne flute... what?! i mean, are we barbarians??

i think i must get it from my father... if you knew him, you would know what i mean. i dont know why i really care but i do... chardonnay out of a champagne glass?? ugh. so needless to say, as seen above, white wine glasses came to the rescue.


1 note/s:

  1. It was a very relaxing evening! And I'm so glad after all those hours & worry of watching Bachelorette that maybe, just maybe this time it won't have been a waste of time.... maybe e&j will stay together. :)



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