once upon a time...


i was a bachelorette...

and as lovely as this season was (truly was one of my faves... i heart jef + emily. go team jef!) i wouldnt trade my married life for anything.

nonetheless, this was a great sunday evening. my hubby went with his bro to the movies and i had a date with my mama watching mindless, frivolous, good old-fashioned american TV...

and we enjoyed delicious bogle chardonnay...

now, before we had said glasses of chardonnay we shared a bottle of champagne... you know, to celebrate jef + emily of course. after the champagne, my mom decided to she wanted to try the chardonnay and seemed as if she was just fine with pouring a taste into the stemless champagne flute... what?! i mean, are we barbarians??

i think i must get it from my father... if you knew him, you would know what i mean. i dont know why i really care but i do... chardonnay out of a champagne glass?? ugh. so needless to say, as seen above, white wine glasses came to the rescue.


friday nite bliss


happy friday! tonite turned out to be perfect... it all happened in a free, spontaneous way...

i got home at 7 and my last client (who happens to be a good friend) said "hey we should hang out tonite." so we did... check me out-- flying by the seat of my pants...

 her and her husband came over and we had coke + brandy, channel-surfed for a couple hours and then watched some brian reagan. "uhhh somebody put our engine in upside down... and there is only one tool that can fix it... and it's in madagascar." ahhhh fridays...

scheduled spontaneity


because of our ... eh-hem ... my busy on-the-go, planned-out-every-minute lifestyle, the hubby and i hardly get to spend one-on-one time together on the weekends. so about a month ago (pathetic i know) i wrote (in ink, mind you, therefore you know i'm serious) : "date weekend. do whatever you want by yourselves."

impromptu censorship and silliness whilst enjoying rose mimosas at cafe chloe east village, downtown san diego

 this place is french-inspired and absolutely fantastic, please do yourselves a favor and go if you live or are ever in san diego. www.cafechloe.com.

bathroom makeover


so over the course of the past few months we have been working on our bathroom, here are just a few updates... new candle, new towel, new bathmat, new travertine floor (thanks be unto daniel!) and, of course, my great grandma's chandelier from the 1950s is the cherry on top

a few lovely things


rosette bedding. rabbit dish. capri blue candle.

vintage rabbit drawing. brass vase.

orange hand-knit scarf.

fox fur stole.
boutique in shanghai

love poems of lord byron.

hedgehog pin. owl ring.

cream jersey knit sheets.

favorite american cities


grimaldis, brooklyn

brooklyn bridge

cavallo point

on the golden gate

It's a toss-up between west and east coast for me... San Fran and New York. What is your favorite city in America?

missing china


great wall of qi

Today and Everyday I am missing adventures, but even more than adventure I miss my friend + sister so far away.
I love you XOXO.

PS. For more on China click on Mandarin diaries...




sweet dreams,

the hedgehog chronicles

for the love of jane


ATTENTION all you girls out there that love Jane Eyre:

The latest film adaptation of Jane Eyre is fabulous and a definite must-see...

a perfect sunday afternoon is...


Lighting my candle and relaxing... The scent fills the air and calms the nerves... ahhh.

Happy Sunday!



I love Bethenny Frankel, courtesy of my best friend (www.fravritescarvesandblankets.com) being a real housewives fan, so I have known about the Skinnygirl drinks for some time now. I tried the margarita at my other best friend's house in Nashville (who happens to be a skinny girl... go figure) and it wasn't half bad! Made with blue agave clear tequila and lightly sweetened with agave nectar, it is 100 calories per 4 oz. serving. Add a squeeze of lime and serve on the rocks. Can't beat that. Here's to the best of both worlds!


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