run for the hills


My husband recently agreed to run with me three times a week: Monday - Wednesday. I am really hoping this is not a phase. I know I should be self- motivated but it is really nice to have the support, to say the least. I'm also going to try to reaquaint myself with the gym. I haven't seen that place in a long while. I have been stuck in a rut lately... I tend to do that. I do really well with healthy eating, fitness, etc... I see results and then WHAM!  I eat a whole pizza by myself... And I exaggerate only slightly. Why the self- sabotage you may ask? I have absolutely NO clue. Yet, I have heard that many women do this same thing. This does make me feel slightly better, not being alone in the constant yo-yo-ing; however, it would be best if all of us broke the cycle. Anyways, the point of this diatribe is that I am embarking on a new endeavor to work out again and I will need encouragement. Feel free to comment. A little "Rah-rah!" or "You can do it!" would suffice. Many thanks.

watch the time


Maybe one reason why I am ALWAYS late is because I have never found a watch that I am so in love that I cannot live without it? Maybe that's why I am never aware of what time it is?

Maybe not. But it is a lovely excuse to go shopping for a watch, isn't it?

Find my top pick of the season under "Fashion + Style."



So I have most of the day off today. I have one client on a Friday... on one hand (the money hand) it's bad, but on the other hand (the time hand) it's good... Or at least so I thought.

Here were my ambitious goals for the day:
TO-DO list:

1. return phone calls/texts
2. make bed
3. have breakfast
4. laundry
5. clean!!!
6. exercise
7. clean out closet
8. clean out jewelry box
9. get ready for work

It is now 1:55pm and I have accomplished #1-4. Humm. Where does the day go? Oh maybe I know the answer... Blogging, Pinning, and Real Housewives of NY reunion? Nah, It couldn't be that...


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