tell me, where did the time go?


My family moved to California from Michigan when I was 6 months old. I am a west-coast girl. I love California: the weather, the beaches, my family and friends. However, there is a big piece of my heart that will always belong in Michigan. Every single summer of my childhood my mom took me to Michigan to visit my family. I can't express how grateful I am to her.

I am the youngest of 9 cousins. The 3 next up from me are my mom's younger sister's boys... My cousins, but more like brothers. Even though a year passed in between each summer it was like nothing had changed, time stood still. They lived on a large property with a pond to swim & fish in, a vegetable garden, a greenhouse, a treehouse, a zipline, chickens to raise. We would play ping-pong, have bonfires, make "hobo" pies, tell stories, play with sparklers, play hide & seek, go for night swims, catch fireflies, and my personal favorite: stargaze for hours in the nearby sod field. I wish I could hit rewind on my life just to live one of those days over again.

Where does the time go? You are always told that as a child-- "enjoy your youth -- it flies by." You don't realize how true those words are until you've grown up and it's gone. It makes you understand why Peter Pan wanted to stay in Neverland... and never wanted to grow up...

The inspiration for all this reflection is that I just found out some happy news, my cousin (closest in age to me) and his wife are having a baby. Weren't we just laying in that sod field? Where does the time go? Congratulations to them ... we can't wait to meet that little baby ... to slow down and enjoy every minute, every update, every milestone, so we don't have to ask "where did the time go?"

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  1. really????!!!!!???? thats great!!!! congrats :)

  2. wow_that blog took my breath away! very sweet. the memories .... so special. I'm glad you have them stored safely in your heart.

  3. Your trips to Michigan were always a highlight for us! We used to wait to plan our family vacation until we knew when you were coming so we didn't miss a minute with you & your Mom. Your Uncle Mike & Auntcy also wish we could go back in time to those wonderful carefree summer days, but alas time marches on. At least we have those wonderful memories and now a new baby to tell all the stories to!

  4. If you ever figure out how to go back in time, please take me with you. I would go back to summers in Bancroft in a heartbeat. Every night when we put JJ to bed, I would tell him, "I'm going to squeeze you down to size so you stay a small guy." He would holler "NO! I want to get big!" Seems like yesterday, and now my baby is having a baby.
    Love, Uncle Mike

  5. Guys, ur gonna make me cry!! Happy tears though :)



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